raw chefs 2015

Graduates of July 2015 Raw Chef Certification:
Raw Food Chefs  Sylivia, Kristine, Cassie, Kristi, Tracy, Julie, CarolAnne, Rose, Sally, Becky  (Lynette was absent)


Graduates of June 2013 Raw Chef Certification:
Raw Food Chefs Yiota, Marla, Rose, Jasper, Ann, Eddie, Stephanie, Melissa, Ann (Colleen was absent)


raw cheff course 2012

Graduates of July 2012 Raw Chef Certification:
Raw Food Chefs Anomi, Elaine, Suzanne, Janice, Rhonda, Zosia, Rose, Jean, Crystal, Petra, Laura, Stephen


Graduates of July 2011 Raw Chef Certification:
Raw Food Chefs Juana, Rainie, MaryAnne, Debbie, Michelle, Dena, Jody, Deborah , Rose


Graduates of June 2010 Raw Chef Certification:
Chefs Faye, Sheila, Tyrell, Malori, Deborah, Rose, Cliff, Tarah
Julie, Jessica, Holly, Bonnie, Sue, Arlene, Cathy
(Serena & Tianna – Chefs In Training)
Donna, Marion Ann



Graduates of October 2009 Raw Chef Certification:
Chefs Rose, Billie, Carol, Cindy, Jaimie,
Dan, Carin, Doris, Lisa (Assistant Chef), Ken,
Diane, Tessa, Sandra, Linda

Graduates of June 2009 Raw Chef Certification: 
Chefs Fraser, Anne, Gloria, Rose, Chris, Joslynn, Jeannie, Ray, Arabella, Bonnie, Maureen (absent: Shelley)

Making Nori Rolls at May 2008 Retreat

Cacao Fondue at May 2008 Retreat

Rose at her raw food demo at Healthyway in Campbell River -
January 2008

Rose presented a cheque to Stephanie and Kaylin of the Comox Valley SPCA.  The proceeds were raised at a Silent Auction at RawNew Yourself Dinner & Dance.  Sam, the adorable SPCA kitten, was adopted by Rose after the picture was taken. - November 2007

Rose at her Raw Food Demo in Whole Foods Market,
Penticton, BC - June 2007

Rose's Uncooking Class in Golden, BC - May 2007

Nathalie, Judith (owner of Genuine Organics) and Rose at
Rose's Uncooking Class in Golden, BC - May 2007

Raw Food Potluck at Rose's - April 2007

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