Rose Vasile lives in Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada where she has been teaching her popular “Uncooking” classes for over ten years. In her classes, hands-on retreats (Raw Food Immersion and Raw Chef Certification), demos at health food stores and her Canadian Bestseller, Uncooking With RawRose – Your Guide to Raw Foods, Rose shares her enthusiasm and knowledge of preparing and eating raw foods.

Eating mainly raw foods has resulted in numerous benefits:

  • lost over 50 pounds of excess weight
  • more energy
  • improved mental clarity and concentration
  • allergies disappeared (23 years of food allergies)
  • improved complexion (good colour, smoother texture)
  • eyes look younger and more vibrant--not puffy with dark circles
  • improved gums (previously had gum disease and front teeth were shifting)
  • improved elimination and reduction in hemorrhoids
  • fewer mood swings
  • no heartburn and indigestion
  • intense food cravings disappeared
  • mosquitoes stopped biting
  • deodorant not required
  • chronic joint stiffness of right ankle disappeared
  • less sleep required.

In 2002 Rose was trained as a Raw Living Foods Chef by Victoria Boutenko. She left her 31 year career as a group insurance underwriter to help others heal with raw foods. Rose was the Director and an instructor at Creative Health Institute (CHI), in Michigan, USA. CHI ran two week cleansing programs based on Dr. Ann Wigmore’s teachings, which emphasizes raw foods and wheatgrass juice. Rose is a 2009 graduate of Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, where she received certification as a Raw Culinary Arts Chef & Instructor.

In 2011 Rose returned to Living Light to become a Certified Raw Food Nutrition Educator.

Rose’s greatest desire is to let the world know about the benefits of raw foods!

Contact Rose for a raw food presentation at your club or conference, or if you are interested in hosting an Uncooking Home Party.


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