“Spent the evening reading Rose’s cookbook last night…thoroughly enjoyed it. It is so well written, very organized and very inspiring!! It is right up my alley!! Had a green smoothie for breakfast – it was really yummy!!! I’m actually excited about eating more veggies!!”
Debbie Sauve

"Your book is so easy to follow and out of all my Raw Food Cookbooks, yours is the only one that I seem to keep using." 
Heather Gagne

"Rose's course was the most fun I have had with food in ages. I had lost enthusiasm for cooking and now with this new knowledge of raw food cuisine am inspired again. The course was very comprehensive and delicious. I know that all I will ever need is the book “Uncooking With RawRose” to guide me along.  There is so much more useful information in there other than the recipes.  The meals, the information and location were simply divine. It's clear that Rose is a pioneer in her field and I am proud to say that I have attended her course!"
Tammra (Green)Broughton ~ Holistic Nutritionist, Cleanse Coach & Trainer, Radio Show Host and DJ

"I so enjoyed the basics course.  It was so motivating to be able to prepare the food, and I loved meeting and getting to know everyone a little bit. What a great group and I am honored to be able to learn from you.  When I returned home on Monday, I kept the momentum going and prepared a raw dinner that got raves from the family. So far I have made granola, crackers, almond milk, and beautiful meals every day. I must slow done tho, I am finding that I really do not want to eat that much, it's fun though.  I am noticing a clarity of mind that is very exciting. Your book is so well laid out and easy to use."
Marilyn Usher

"RawRose's enthusiasm for this healthy lifestyle is contagious. She
demystifies eating RAW with her easy to prepare delicious recipes ~
making this way of life accessible to more people."
Shani Cranston
Founder of www.homegrownlivingfoods.ca & www.milagroretreats.com

"I always recommend your book to those in my class.  This is because, among all of the raw food books in my home library, your book is by far the easiest to understand for a person new to raw foods.  The recipes are not intimidating, directions are clear, and your recipes are delicious!"
Robyn Lilley, Raw Food Instructor, Lethbridge, Alberta

"Meeting Rose, and taking her Basics course has changed the course of my life, forever.  I am an “easy keeper”, and have always battled weight.  I have finally found a very good way to eat, feel very satisfied, and am having a lot of fun doing it.  I highly recommend that you try it.  In just 4 weeks, without trying, I am down nearly 15 pounds—with moderate exercise.  And I feel the best that I have in years.

Rose is amazing.  Her book is tremendous, and you will be astonished at how good you will feel.   I am sending this information to you as a testimonial from the heart."
Helene McGall, Courtenay, BC

Article in Health Action Network Society’s eNews
by Dori Bodman, RHN

Earlier this year, I received an email from my niece, a massage therapist in Parksville, BC, telling me about an upcoming "RAW Rose's Raw Retreat" with Rose Vasile, raw food chef and author.

Being a natural nutritionist, I jumped at the hands-on opportunity to learn about a new healthful way of preparing foods. Simply put, in raw foodism, fresh and alive ingredients are used but not heated above 105 degrees F so as to preserve the live enzymes and nutrient-rich content and flavour of foods.

My sister picked me up in Nanaimo and off we headed to Parksville to pick up my niece. The three of us made our way to Oyster Bay and discovered a beautiful seaside accommodation with fresh ocean air and rooms in green tones, matching our environment and calming the senses. Rose, our hostess and teacher, had supplied a welcome basket of fresh fruits and a scrumptious "Raw Delight" of seasoned seeds. We sat in our room munching, trying to decipher the spice in them ... cinnamon, maybe?

Soon we realized that our training was about to start. We headed to another building to help create our raw dinner of Zucchini Spaghetti with Neat Balls and Marinara Sauce, Green Salad with Ginger Dressing, followed by scrumptious Banana Lemon Pie for dessert ... all uncooked!

So began our routine for the next two days. We had smoothie prep and consumption in the morning, then with yoga by the sea, then breakfast prep, which consisted of steel cut oat porridge with local fresh fruits uncooked and yummy! All of these foods, so rich in live enzymes, had my system thanking me and leaving me with a comfortable sense of fullness, satisfaction, non-stressed digestion, and revived vitality, alertness and energy. We had free time between meals to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

As a raw food chef, Rose has wonderful knowledge and expertise in combining the five tastes - sweet, sour, salty, spicy and bitter. For example, excess sour can be balanced by adding sweet; fats tone down spiciness and mellow out too much sweetness; and salt brings out flavours. Another aspect to all the wonderful foods we tried was that the majority of them came from local growers, organically grown and picked fresh.

We did meditation at night and even experienced raw facials using such ingredients as cucumber, avocado, steel cut oats and coconut oil. Wow, my skin felt alive.

Did I mention the cocoa truffles and carrot cake that we prepared for dessert? Or the cocoa fondue with fresh fruits for breakfast? I found raw cocoa (in moderation, of course) to be an excellent antioxidant-rich boost. Having this in the morning was satisfying and kickstarted my body.

Raw preparation is a healthful addition to your current regime that cleans and refreshes all your body systems. Bright eyes and glowing skin, vitality and clarity, weight and blood sugar levels can be maintained. Raw meals and snacks are both wholesome and tasty. There are lots of live enzymes that enable digestion and assimilation of a variety of vital nutrients contained in foods like nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruit, raw cocoa, carob and oil.

This way of preparing food can be a beneficial addition for everyone, even individuals with special dietary needs, as it does not contain wheat, gluten, flour, artificial flavours, colours, sugar or additives, common allergens. Raw food prep brings variety, fun and creativity to the meal table and can be a wonderful way to get your kids involved.

Since this first experience, I continue to prepare the majority of my foods in this manner and enjoy sharing my ideas and preparations with family, friends and co-workers. To find your own natural balance of foods that brings you vim and vigor for life, seek coaching from a registered natural nutritionist or other professional health practitioner for guidance.
Dori Bodman, RHN

"I went pretty much 90% raw immediately after doing a raw food detox, and for most of this last year yours was the only book I had.  I love it- I've tried most of the recipes and a number of them are real favorites- truffles, nori snacks, banana carob cookies, sunburgers, can't beet that salad - for a start!

In the first few months of being raw I dropped 30 lb, got rid of stiff and aching hip joints so I can walk again, eliminated acid reflux, and many other things.  I love this lifestyle and now incorporate raw food coaching in my work - I'm an Inner Feng Shui coach - and raw food fits perfectly into the 'inner' part of my work - it feels I found the missing ingredient.

I came to raw food mainly to lose weight and got so much more on all levels. I feel my life has been evolving and transforming faster and faster and raw food has had a big part to play - and of course your book.  So thank you so much for a great down to earth, easy to understand book with simple and yummy recipes.  I found it in Banyen Books - it just fell off the shelf when I passed!"

Vicky White

“You have no idea (well maybe you do) just how inspiring your cookbook is!!!!  I received it the very next day of ordering it and am just beside myself with the recipes!!!!  Your personal story is incredible and so motivating!  Thanks you.  :)”
Tina Chalmers








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