Rose Vasile’s book is a gift to all of us. It is a practical and easy-to-follow guide for making a wide variety of delicious raw foods. I am privileged to know Rose personally. When Rose came to one of my classes about six years ago, I instantly spotted her shy, smiley face and her keen interest in anything about raw foods. Since then, we have become good friends.

To me, Rose is one of the best organized and most hardworking individuals on the planet. Hence, we are fortunate to have her recipe book with extremely accurate, pre-measured, and pre-tested instructions that guarantee a scrumptious taste.

With the author’s simple, down-to-earth explanations, this book is especially helpful for beginners to raw food. At the same time, the abundance of recipes will easily attract longtime raw fooders.

Rose’s sincere style, combined with her personal story, makes the reading engaging. The book’s appendix contains a helpful wellness assessment based on the author’s personal “raw” journey. I envision the dining experiences of many families will be illuminated, in many ways, by the use of Rose’s wonderful book.

Victoria Boutenko,
Author of
Green for Life,
12 Steps to Raw Foods,
Raw Family

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