CONGRATULATIONS! You’re one of the fortunate people who have heard about the benefits of raw foods. I truly believe you will enjoy improved health if you increase your consumption of raw vegan foods. Remember “You are what you eat”.

It would be sad if you looked back, years from now, wondering if raw foods might have been the answer to your disease (e.g. allergies, arthritis, cancer, celiac, chronic fatigue, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, irritable bowel syndrome, M.S., obesity, Parkinson’s, etc.)....if only you had given it a try.

In order to lose weight, I adventured into the raw food diet in January 2001. I was anxious to get started, but confused about how to do it properly. Each answer led to another question. Eventually I learned that most raw books include foods that are not raw. My goal is to make your raw journey easier through my book Uncooking With RawRose – Your Guide to Raw Foods, my courses and this website. Please drop by my website each month for new recipes and events. Enjoy your rawsome life!

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